Twin Garlic


Extra virgin olive oil Cuvee

Extra virgin olive oil of Slovenian Istria is a combination of several varietal olive oils. In the foreground are the Istrian Belica, Leccino and Maurino, a broad aroma is supported by some other olive oil varieties. The taste of olive oil is fresh and fruity, with pronounced bitterness and spiciness, and medium-intensive taste. The fruity aroma is very typical and reminiscent of olives, apples and fresh grass. The bitterness and spiciness are in beautiful harmony and combine the taste of sweet almond. The oil is harmonious, with a broad aroma spectrum.

*Bottle: 100 ml

Extra virgin olive oil Garlic

The garlic from organic cultivation subtly complements our olive oil and additionally emphasizes the Mediterranean notes in dishes.

*Bottle: 100 ml


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